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Appetizer Platters

Seasonal crudite with three seasonal dips

Example: baby carrots, watermelon radishes, haricot vert, asparagus, jicama with beet anise, butternut squash preserved lemon and fennel almond dips

Small serves 10-15/$50.00
Large serves 20-30/$100.00

Pickle platters - Various pickled vegetables

Example: asparagus, wasabi green beans, fennel, coriander carrots, pink radishes, artichoke hearts, okra and cauliflower

Small serves 10-15/$50.00
Large serves 20-30/$100.00

Meat pies - 4” pastry

Chicken and peas, steak and potato, caramelized onion and spinach, steak and kidney, Cornish pastie, and sausage rolls with HP sauce

Small serves 10-15/$75.00
Large serves 20-30/$150.00

Cheese platters

Chunked parmesan, gorgonzola dolce, montrachet, dried fruits and nuts, orange rosemary jam, membrillo ,sliced breads and crackers

Small serves 10-15/$80.00
Large serves 20-30/$160.00


Ricotta truffle, tapenade parmesan, caramelized onion mozzarella, pesto tomato, zucchini blue cheese, mushroom walnut , arugula prosciutto or kale and butternut squash

Small serves 10-15/$35.00
Large serves 20-30/$70.00

Tea sandwiches

Chicken tarragon, cucumber mint, watercress radish, ham apricot mustard, curried egg salad, shrimp salad, roast beef bearnaise butter, smoked salmon cream cheese

Small serves 10-15/$32.00
Large serves 20-30/$65.00

Gravlox: cured salmon filet with dill and fennel. Sliced and served with pumpernickel toasts, crème fraiche, pickled red onion, lemon,dill, capers

Small serves 10-15/market price
Large serves 20-30/market price

* please give 3 day notice for this platter - curing salmon & making crème fraiche take time to make

Vegetable Salads

small serves 10-15 / $50
large serves 20-30 / $100

~ Roasted vegetables with gremolata: eggplant, butternut squash, cremini mushroom , parsnips, tomatoes and shallots with bright parsley, lemon and garlic sprinkle

~ Broccoli and cauliflower salad with capers, pinenuts , sultanas and red wine vinaigrette

~ Potato salad with olives, lemon, dill and yoghurt

~ Baby kale, pickled strawberries, feta, scallions,black pepper mint dressing

~ Seasonal fruit salad

~ Wedge salad platter: iceberg wedges, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing

~ Beet , jicama ,orange and pomegranate salad

~ Quinoa salad: pumpkinseed, queso fresco, cilantro and lime

Wild rice salad: dried apples , cranberries, toasted pecans, celery, red onion,apple cider ginger vinaigrette

~ Lima bean salad with parsley, garlic, lemon,EVOO

~ Fattoush; toasted pita, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, scallions, fresh herbs, yoghurt and sumac

Salads with protein

small serves 10-15 / $125
large serves 20-30 / $250

~ Salade Nicoise :grilled tuna , mixed greens, potatoes, olives, haricot vert, hard boiled egg, tarragon lemon vinaigrette

~ Muffaletta: toasted ciabatta ,salami, mortadella, ham, provolone, olives, celery, red onion , roasted pepper,fresh herbs, olive oil

~ Fried chicken : chopped fried chicken, romaine lettuce,roasted corn, red bell peppers, black eyed pea, homemade ranch dressing

~ Grilled steak: rice noodles,cucumber, shredded cabbage,carrots,lime, thai basil, tomato, roasted peanuts

Vegetarian sandwich platter - (choose two types)

Small serves 10-15 / $75
Large serves 20-30 / $150

~ Roasted eggplant, smashed chickpeas, tomato jam, whole grain

~ Marinated and grilled tofu, cashew butter,shredded red cabbage , zucchini, wrap

~ Portabello mushroom banh mi , pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, baguette

~ Grilled cauliflower, gremolata mayonnaisse, watercress, pumpernickel

~ Sunflower seed salad ,cucumber,marinated red onion ,brioche

Meat sandwich platter - (choose two types)

Small serves 10-15 / $90
Large serves 20-30 / $175

~ Turkey meatloaf, carrot chutney,spinach ,white bread

~ Roast chicken , kale pesto, radicchio, whole grain bread

~ Curried egg salad , almonds, apple, sunflowerseed bread

~ Pot roast sandwich, caramelized onion ,mustard, potato bread

~ Roast pork, olive spread, shaved fennel, ciabatta



With orange marmalade, homemade jam, butter, and clotted cream

Small serves 10-15 / $37.50
Large serves 20-30 / $75

Homemade cookies by the dozen

$18.00 per dozen

Chocolate chip, ginger snap, peanut butter, cardamom butter cookie, orange ginger, oatmeal cherry, snickerdoodles

Homemade bars by the dozen

$24.00 per dozen

Lemon bars, brownies, raspberry oat, Dolly Madisons, pecan